Reimagining Cannabis Hardware:

Reimagining Cannabis Hardware:

Venice, California-based Ispire is redefining vape hardware innovation. The first-of-its-kind cannabis hardware and technology firm launched in mid-2020, and their sleek designs and never-before-seen technology have caused quite a buzz.

Ispire holds over 1,000 patents globally and is responsible for inventing the bottom-fed coil technology used in most modern vaping hardware. Choosing not to rest on their laurels, Ispire took it a step further with their patented Ducore, or dual-core, technology, which offers a larger surface area for more even heating and improved flavor profile delivery. Additionally, Ispire offers adjustable airflow control options, putting the power back in the user’s hands to control each hit’s breathability or intensity.

Ispire’s cartridges, batteries, and disposables are also fully customizable, from colors and finishes to custom molds and packaging (and so much more). Cannabis brands choose Ispire time and time again for their vape hardware, and consumers have also shown increased demand, now being able to purchase from brands directly through sites like Ispire cartridges work with oils of different viscosity, which has caught the interest of partners in the regulated THC market and the CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, and other cannabinoid spaces.

The Wand, Ispire’s latest innovation, just launched in March 2021 and has already changed the future of dabbing. The only tool of its kind, The Wand replaces messy and dangerous dab tools like blowtorches or other e-nails, which have the potential for faulty wiring and have you putting your concentrates on plastic or metal (gross).

Instead, the Wand uses induction heating and food-grade quartz glass to seemingly “magic” heat into the banger, doing away with the need for a blowtorch or butane. The Wand heats a small cup insert that the user places inside the banger before heating. This process allows for precision temperature control in 5-degree intervals from 450-800 degrees, so you control how hot or cold your dab is. The Wand also includes cup inserts with holes in the bottom to be used with flower and, because this device is fire-less, The Wand heats and vaporizes the flower rather than combusting it, producing the most flavorful hit you’ve ever taken. And to answer your question — yes, it rips.

Because of this innovation in portable e-nails, Ispire has already received the John MacKay Best Scientific Advancement Award for advancing the cannabis industry.

Ispire imagines a day when we’ll all look back and think about how wild it was to have blowtorches and butane lying around our houses as casually as you see today. Their first direct-to-consumer product is available directly on their website at for $169.99.