The global leader for vaporizer technology

Ispire Technology is a worldwide leader in R&D, design, commercialization, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution for branded and ODM solutions.
  • Over 10 Years Experience

    Leading the field of vaporizer technology
  • Large R&D Investment

    Over 200 core-technology patents and an R&D team in California.
  • High Quality Standard

    Build with quality and innovation in mind, all our products strive for the highest quality in the industry. 
  • Global Footprint

    Regional sales networks in 30 countries
Rasing the bar of industry standards with breakthrough


Ispire is dedicated to creating innovative products that deliver unrivaled experiences for cannabis consumers. We offer a complete line of best-in-class cartridges, disposables, batteries and dabbing products. Our sleek designs, superior performance help brands stand out on the shelf and deliver the perfect hit every time.


Aspire the pioneer of innovation technology for vaping products. Our Nautilus series created the cloud chaser movement creating the path for explosive growth. Today the Nautilus tank and Nautilus mini tank continue to thrive top sellers across the globe.

Why Ispire Technology

Industry leading Innovations & Globally Recognized Consumer Brand
  • Market Leadership

    Ispire's unique technology leadership, strong execution, consumer focused approach to the market, combined with a vertically integrated business model have created a platform for revenue growth and profitability.
  • Cannabis/CBD Vaporizer Market

    Cannabis/CBD derivatives growth to outpace cannabis flower with vaping products representing the biggest share at $14 billion in 2025. Estimated CAGR growth 2019 – 2025 to be 42%
  • Large Global e-Cigarette Market

    Global e-cigarette market has seen high growth. Its growth has been fueled by the increasing smokers' awareness of health concerns with the traditional tobacco.

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